Piss Femdom

Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Once again the human toilet gets ready for a hot night of being pissed on as he gets ready underneath the toilet seat. As the first girl sits down he can see her hairy pussy above him as he opens his mouth just in time as she fills his mouth with her hot piss and it runs all over his face and chin. He has a line of girls waiting to do the same thing and fill his mouth with their golden nectar he cant wait.

Mistress Black Diamoond is on vacation and thought you might want some of her hot solo peeing action to enjoy while she was gone. She goes into the bathroom and takes the camera with so you can have a close up as she sits on the toilet and fills it with her fresh hot piss. After filling the toilet with her golden nectar she lets you see into the toilet bowl with her camera.

Mistress Lucilla is a sexy mistress that takes her loser slave Richie and uses him as her personal slave in the bathroom. She first uses him as a human floor mat and stands on him with her heels as she looks in the mirror. She then drags him into the bathtub and stands above him as she pisses all over him with her warm golden nectar covering his body with her fresh piss.

Domina Victoria is sitting on the dining room table wearing a small black dress as she makes her loser slave kneel in front of her waiting for her next command. She tells him to open his mouth and put it against her warm shaved pussy. She starts pissing and her hot piss flows out of her pussy and goes right into her slaves mouth. He takes her golden nectar and fills his mouth and drinks all she has to offer.

Bizarre Lady Jessica makes her slave Joschi get down on the floor on his hands and knees and wait at her feet for her next command. She takes her black high heels and fills them up with her hot piss and then makes her loser slave drink the hot piss out of them like a dog. He laps up her golden nectar and drinks every drop of her fresh hot golden nectar.

Mistress Gaia is an excellent teacher and she wants to teach you how to be a good toilet slave. She will hold you hand and show you all the things that you need to be a good toilet slave. She will teach you how to worship her urine. You can sit and watch and learn all that she has to offer you about her warm golden nectar so you can make someone an excellent toilet slave in the future.

Mistress BlackDiamond is a hot sexy nurse who likes to take good care of her bad slave. She likes to make he slave beg for his hot medicine that he wants so badly. She yells at her slave telling him what a bad boy he is and that he needs to take his medicine she lifts up her sexy outfit and pisses straight in to his mouth as he swallows her hot piss and he starts feeling better right away.

Lady Lisa is a sexy brunette mistress that is having fun sitting on the couch reading a book and drinking some water. She then makes her slave into a foot stool and he makes her mad so to punish him she makes both of her slaves into human toilets and fills their mouths with her fresh hot piss. She then makes them drink all of her golden nectar until it is all gone.