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Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Human Toilet" markiert sind

This mistress loves peeing. She does not care where she is. If she feels like peeing, she will remove her underwear and skirt or trouser and pee even in public

Nina wanted to punish her slave for being lazy. The first warning meant she would piss on the slave and if he did not improve, she would shit on him

Jenicha likes to drink her own pee. She is not like other mistresses who like to make slaves and losers drink their pee

Lady Alysha has a slave that just loves her piss and loves it when she plays games with him with her piss. She starts out by having him lay down on the floor and stands above him and gives him a warm golden shower. She then has him get on his hands and knees and drink her piss as it comes right out of her pussy. Finally she has him lay on the bathroom floor and uses him as her human toilet.

This sexy mistress was sitting on the couch when she has the urge to piss. She calls her toilet slave into the room and stands on the couch and makes her slave sit on the floor in front of the couch and put his head back. She takes off her white pants and slightly squats down over his mouth and pisses into his mouth and fills him up with her fresh golden nectar.

This sexy mistress has her loser slave laying on the floor underneath of her portable toilet as she sits above him and gets ready to cover him in her hot piss. She has him open his mouth and then starts pissing giving him a golden shower covering his face and head with her hot piss. This sexy mistress has her slave be her human toilet for the entire day drinking her fresh hot piss.

Lady Lisa is a sexy brunette mistress that is having fun sitting on the couch reading a book and drinking some water. She then makes her slave into a foot stool and he makes her mad so to punish him she makes both of her slaves into human toilets and fills their mouths with her fresh hot piss. She then makes them drink all of her golden nectar until it is all gone.

These three sexy mistress have taken and kidnapped you as they forced you to become their new human toilet. You job will be simple. Lay on the floor under the portable toilet and open your mouth because when these sexy mistresses piss into your mouth you will need to catch it and drink it all. You will spend days laying on the floor taking all of their sweet golden nectar into your mouth.

Slave Richie is obeying his mistresses commands as he lays on the bathroom floor naked and waits for his mistress to use him as a human toilet. Mistress Laticia gets above his face and squats down and uses him as her toilet as she pisses all over his face and into his mouth. She makes him keep his mouth open so that he has to drink all of her fresh golden nectar.

These sexy five girls are the mistresses of the house for the day as they have a get together with their friends. They have their loser slave on hand to be their human toilet for the day so the sexy mistresses can piss all over his face and into his mouth. He lays on the floor with the portable toilet above his head and one by on these sexy mistresses sit above him and fill his mouth with their fresh golden nectar.