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Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Princess Nikki is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a tan shirt as she stands above the toilet slave with her legs spread apart. She uses her fingers to aim her pussy just right so her hot piss flows into the toilet. Even though she tries to get her golden nectar into the toilet some of it misses and she orders her loser slave to use his tongue and lick her piss off the toilet and the floor.

Sexy Candy Alexa is feeling in the mood so she heads to the bathroom and gets naked. She squats above the toilet and spreads her legs apart and uses her fingers to tease her clit. As she masturbates she gets closer and closer to have a massive orgasm. Once she has her orgasm she takes and pisses into the toilet and into the shower and lets you watch as she pisses all over.

Mistress Alida is a sexy mistress who is in the bathroom using her loser slave as her human toilet as she sits on his face and looks in the mirror. Suddenly she has the need to piss so she uses her slave and starts pissing all over him covering his face with her hot piss. She then has him open his mouth and drink her piss as she puts her full weight on to his body.

After spending the evening at a local restaurant Suzy has had plenty to drink and now she has to pee. She almost could not hold it until she got home but made it home and into the bathroom before she started pissing. She puts her feet up on the rim of the toilet and then squats down and starts pissing the warm piss flowing out of her shaved pussy into the toilet below her.

Mistress Lucilla is a sexy mistress that takes her loser slave Richie and uses him as her personal slave in the bathroom. She first uses him as a human floor mat and stands on him with her heels as she looks in the mirror. She then drags him into the bathtub and stands above him as she pisses all over him with her warm golden nectar covering his body with her fresh piss.

Dirty Queen Andrea is in the bathroom with her loser slave Joschi as he sits completely naked on the floor and she stands above him naked as well. She lifts her leg and rests it on a shelf behind her slave. She then spreads her legs apart and starts pissing all over him and covers his face, mouth and body with her hot fresh golden nectar and has him roll around in her piss.

Sexy Mistress Arizona is sitting on the toilet in the bathroom getting ready to piss as she lets you get nice and close and enjoy all of the action. She takes and spreads her legs slightly apart so you can see her pussy as she starts to piss. You can see some of her golden nectar flow down into the toilet bowl beneath of her and you can hear it hitting the water under her.

Slave Joschi is getting punished as he is on his hands and knees on the bathroom floor as Princess Hannah and Princess Diabolla order him to use his tongue to clean the bathroom floor. The bathroom had been flooded by an over flowed toilet and they are pieces of toilet paper and dried piss all over the floor along with dirt and other filth. The two princesses make him use his tongue and lick the floor until it is spotless.

Bizarr Lady Jessica is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a black latex dress with black stockings as she stands above a toilet with her legs spread apart at a fetish party. She then starts pissing and her warm golden nectar flows out of her pussy down into the toilet. She does not use her fingers to help aim the hot piss so her golden nectar flows all over the place and makes a huge piss mess.

Slave Richie is obeying his mistresses commands as he lays on the bathroom floor naked and waits for his mistress to use him as a human toilet. Mistress Laticia gets above his face and squats down and uses him as her toilet as she pisses all over his face and into his mouth. She makes him keep his mouth open so that he has to drink all of her fresh golden nectar.