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Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Mary Dee has to pee so bad she barely makes it to the bathroom. She strips down completely naked revealing her beautiful body. Then she squats down with one leg on the toilet and lets it all fly for you. She really had to pee because her stream is big and forceful like a waterfall. Watch as she lets out all of this glorious golden nectar for your enjoyment.

Princess Nikki is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a tan shirt as she stands above the toilet slave with her legs spread apart. She uses her fingers to aim her pussy just right so her hot piss flows into the toilet. Even though she tries to get her golden nectar into the toilet some of it misses and she orders her loser slave to use his tongue and lick her piss off the toilet and the floor.

Mistress Black Diamoond is on vacation and thought you might want some of her hot solo peeing action to enjoy while she was gone. She goes into the bathroom and takes the camera with so you can have a close up as she sits on the toilet and fills it with her fresh hot piss. After filling the toilet with her golden nectar she lets you see into the toilet bowl with her camera.

Mistress Melannie is a sexy mistress with a hairy pussy pissing into a toilet bowl as she stands above it with her legs spread wide apart. She does not use her fingers to aim her urine so it flows out of her hairy pussy downwards. Some of it lands in the toilet and the rest runs down her legs and down to the floor where it pools up by her feet.

Sexy Mistress Arizona is sitting on the toilet in the bathroom getting ready to piss as she lets you get nice and close and enjoy all of the action. She takes and spreads her legs slightly apart so you can see her pussy as she starts to piss. You can see some of her golden nectar flow down into the toilet bowl beneath of her and you can hear it hitting the water under her.

Bizarr Lady Jessica is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a black latex dress with black stockings as she stands above a toilet with her legs spread apart at a fetish party. She then starts pissing and her warm golden nectar flows out of her pussy down into the toilet. She does not use her fingers to help aim the hot piss so her golden nectar flows all over the place and makes a huge piss mess.

This sexy Mistress Kira R is feeling very horny as she gets into the bathroom and strips out of her shorts and panties. She then squats above the toilet and lets you get in nice and close so you can see all of the details of the pissing action. She then takes her long fingers and uses them to tease her clit as she starts masturbating, Once close to orgasm she pisses all over her hand and into the toilet while she orgasms.