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Diana wanted to punish this guy for ratting her out. She hates snitches and she trampled him before pissing on him

Princess Mistress Nikki primes her hot pussy while she sits on a table waiting on her bad slave to get to her house. He finally shows up and she beats him and tells him what a piece of crap that he is and that hes going to pay for what he has done. Still waiting on the table sexy blonde Nikki pulls her white panties to the side and pisses her yellow hot juice in a bowl and adds a tea bag for her slaves piss tea and makes him drink it.

Princess Nikki is standing above you in this pov clip with her warm trimmed pussy right above your mouth as she gets ready to piss all over you. She takes and uses her fingers to aim her pussy as she starts pissing to make sure that you get covered in her hot golden nectar. While she is giving you her golden shower she is busy talking dirty to you like the loser slave you really are.

This sexy brunette mistress is sitting on a portable toilet wearing her white jeans with a white tank top as she gives her slave on the floor in front of her a jar filled with her hot piss. She tells him to open the jar which is still warm from her golden nectar and drink it. The jar is filled with her hot piss and her slave drinks every last drop of her piss.

Mistress Lucilla is a sexy mistress that takes her loser slave Richie and uses him as her personal slave in the bathroom. She first uses him as a human floor mat and stands on him with her heels as she looks in the mirror. She then drags him into the bathtub and stands above him as she pisses all over him with her warm golden nectar covering his body with her fresh piss.

Bizarre Lady Jessica makes her slave Joschi get down on the floor on his hands and knees and wait at her feet for her next command. She takes her black high heels and fills them up with her hot piss and then makes her loser slave drink the hot piss out of them like a dog. He laps up her golden nectar and drinks every drop of her fresh hot golden nectar.

Mistress Gaia is an excellent teacher and she wants to teach you how to be a good toilet slave. She will hold you hand and show you all the things that you need to be a good toilet slave. She will teach you how to worship her urine. You can sit and watch and learn all that she has to offer you about her warm golden nectar so you can make someone an excellent toilet slave in the future.