Piss Femdom

Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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This poor bastard slave is going to get abused. Princess Nikki spits right on his face for being such a huge loser. Then the real fun begins. Nikki's shy friend gets into the femdom and pisses all over him. Both women squat down and pee directly into his mouth. He lays there and does his best to drink every drop of it as he strokes his tiny pathetic penis.

This slave gets a special treat tonight. Mistress Sabina has been saving her pee for a long time. She has her piss slave lay down under her toilet chair and open his mouth. She sits right down on the chair and lets her golden nectar flow right onto him. He does his best to catch every drop in his mouth. He doesn't want to disappoint his mistress and be in trouble.

Lady Bella could pee in a normal toilet but that wouldn't be any fun. Instead she walks right passed her toilet and right to her shower where he piss slave has his head laid. Without even thinking about it she squats a little and lets out a huge flow all over his face. He doesn't want to miss any of it so he opens his mouth wide and goes for every drop.

This little mistress is not what she appears to be. She looks so innocent standing there in her dress. She forces her slave to sit under her skat stool and the fun begins. She farts right onto his awaiting nostrils. Filling his nose with her stinky aroma. Then it's time to drink as the mistress gives him a taste of her golden nectar. Finally he needs to clean her up after she's done peeing.

The pathetic slave has no idea what's in store for him today. He sits there as Miss Cherrie pisses all of her golden nectar into a funnel for him to drink. He's not a fan which isn't good news for him. He has to drink her friend's pee next. He makes the mistake of not drinking all of it. This offends the ladies and he has to clean the floor with his tongue.

Lilliane Parker and Princess Clarissa are having a great time with their pathetic loser of a slave. He lies in a kiddie pool jerking off as they spit on him and slap him from above. The loser takes every single one of their slaps. Lilliane Parker hasn't had enough so she squats down and pisses in a cup for him. She makes sure he drinks every drop of that piss.

Weronika is sick of using a regular toilet. Her slave has been extra bad lately so she has an idea. She has him lie on the ground and open his mouth wide. She squats down real like just above his open mouth. She lets all of her magnificent golden nectar go in his mouth. She makes sure he drinks every drop of that golden goodness. She doesn't stop until he's full.

The lovely young Lina wants to break her slave him. She lets him know he's on toilet duty. He gets on the ground and opens wide as Lina squats over him and pisses in his mouth. She pisses in his mouth over and over again making sure he doesn't spill a single drop. If that's not bad enough she let's her friend use her human toilet too. How much pee can he drink?

This is the video you've been waiting for piss slaves. The glorious Swiss Nina is going to make you her toilet after so many guys have asked for it. Sit back and watch as she looks right at the camera as she opens the lid. That beautiful ass and pussy lower straight down onto the toilet. Watch as you're inches away from her incredible stream as it comes out of her.

Miss Paula wants to take her slaves obedience to the next level. He starts kissing and smelling her dirty feet in her wedge heels. That's not enough for her though He kisses her beautiful ass and that's not enough. He licks the bottom of her shoe and that's still not enough. Finally she squats down and pees into a glass for him. He drinks it all up to her delight.