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Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Princess Nikki, Gina Blonde and Mia Phoenix are three sexy mistresses that are enjoying a nice sunny day outside naked. The three of these sexy beauties are standing on a road with the mountains behind them as they use their fingers to aim their pussies and all three of them start pissing while standing up. Their hot piss forms an arch as it flows out of their pussies and onto the hot concrete below them.

Princess Nikki, Gina Blonde and Mia Phoenix are spending the day at the beach and while they are there they are filming some special pissing clips just for you to enjoy. The first mistress squats down above a toy car and gives it a golden shower in the sand. The second mistress lifts her leg up and pisses off the pier. Then two of the mistresses together squat down and piss on the sidewalk.

Slave Joschi has three of his mistresses Princess Crystal, Goddess Perfecta and Lady Glasya give him an extra special treat as he lays naked in the bathtub and waits for them to start. The first mistress comes in and covers him with her fresh hot piss. The second comes into the tub and stands above him and gives him a warm golden shower. The third mistress then gets on top of him and finishes soaking his body with her fresh hot piss.

These two sexy mistresses are sitting on the couch and are busy making out with each other while their loser slave lays on the floor and they use him for their foot stool. He complains he is thirsty so the two mistresses give him a bottle of their hot piss that they have been saving for him and make him drink it all while they continue to make out in front of him using him as a human foot rest.

These three sexy mistress have taken and kidnapped you as they forced you to become their new human toilet. You job will be simple. Lay on the floor under the portable toilet and open your mouth because when these sexy mistresses piss into your mouth you will need to catch it and drink it all. You will spend days laying on the floor taking all of their sweet golden nectar into your mouth.

These sexy five girls are the mistresses of the house for the day as they have a get together with their friends. They have their loser slave on hand to be their human toilet for the day so the sexy mistresses can piss all over his face and into his mouth. He lays on the floor with the portable toilet above his head and one by on these sexy mistresses sit above him and fill his mouth with their fresh golden nectar.