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Jenicha has been drinking as much water as possible today. She's also has been careful not to pee at all. She's been saving it just for you. Lay down on the floor and open your mouth. She's going to squat down right over your mouth and let it all go. She's going to give you all the tasty golden nectar she's been saving up. Be ready to take a huge gulp.

Mistress Gaia is a sexy mistress that has prepared this special pov clip just for you to enjoy her. She is wearing a sexy black bra and panties set as she gets ready for you to enjoy her special pissing. She then squats down and lets you get up nice and close with her pussy as she starts pissing. Her hot piss flows all over your face and you can almost taste her hot golden nectar.

Mistress Black Diamoond is on vacation and thought you might want some of her hot solo peeing action to enjoy while she was gone. She goes into the bathroom and takes the camera with so you can have a close up as she sits on the toilet and fills it with her fresh hot piss. After filling the toilet with her golden nectar she lets you see into the toilet bowl with her camera.

Sexy Mistress Arizona is sitting on the toilet in the bathroom getting ready to piss as she lets you get nice and close and enjoy all of the action. She takes and spreads her legs slightly apart so you can see her pussy as she starts to piss. You can see some of her golden nectar flow down into the toilet bowl beneath of her and you can hear it hitting the water under her.

Sexy Mistress Gina loves to piss and she loves to have you watch! She takes a clear plastic bottle and she uses a small kitchen funnel and holds it between her legs. She then takes her shaved pussy and starts pissing all over as her hot golden nectar flows down the funnel into the bottle and she fills it up. She then keeps her piss filled bottle for her slave to enjoy as a snack later.

Mistress Melannie is a sexy mistress completely naked in the shower with her trimmed pussy completely exposed as she squats down and gets ready to give a golden shower show. She takes her hot piss and she sprays it out of her wet pussy and creates the perfect arch as it flows out of her pussy. Her golden nectar creates the perfect pee fountain as she lets you get in nice and close to the show.