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Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Lady Alysha has a slave that just loves her piss and loves it when she plays games with him with her piss. She starts out by having him lay down on the floor and stands above him and gives him a warm golden shower. She then has him get on his hands and knees and drink her piss as it comes right out of her pussy. Finally she has him lay on the bathroom floor and uses him as her human toilet.

Mistress Mia Anderson is outside enjoying her pool as she makes her slave lay on the side of the pool completely naked in the sun. She then decides to have some fun and play some piss games with him as she uses her fingers to aim her piss stream to cover her slave. She then goes around him and continues to piss all over him until he is soaked with her sexy hot piss.

Mistress Lucilla is a sexy mistress that takes her loser slave Richie and uses him as her personal slave in the bathroom. She first uses him as a human floor mat and stands on him with her heels as she looks in the mirror. She then drags him into the bathtub and stands above him as she pisses all over him with her warm golden nectar covering his body with her fresh piss.

These three sexy mistress have taken and kidnapped you as they forced you to become their new human toilet. You job will be simple. Lay on the floor under the portable toilet and open your mouth because when these sexy mistresses piss into your mouth you will need to catch it and drink it all. You will spend days laying on the floor taking all of their sweet golden nectar into your mouth.

Princess Nikki is spending her vacation in Teneriffe in her nice villa enjoying all that life has to offer as spends her days doing nothing. She decides that she wants to visit her loser slave at him home because she knows he lives in a shack and she wants to humiliate him by showing up at his house. She arrives at his shack and immediately starts pissing and spitting all over his loser face and body.

Mistress BlackDiamoond loves to play pissing games. She likes to sit at the edge of her couch with her leg spread wide open and has her slave laying underneath her on the floor with her pussy directed straight down so when she pisses it sprays right in to his mouth. She likes to fill his mouth and if he spills any bit of her hot juicy lemonade she will sit on his face with all her weight and make him lick it up.

The sexy Bizarre Lady Jessica is a sexy blonde mistress in the bathtub standing over her loser slave Joschi with her naked shaved pussy directly above his face. She is a pissing queen as she starts pissing and covers her slaves face, mouth and head with her golden nectar. She then orders him to wash himself with her hot piss and he uses it like shampoo rubbing it into his hair and all over his face.