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Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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This mistress loves to prank people with her pee. She collects it in a jar and then mixes it with a drink to see if someone will notice

Ryan loves pissing on herself. The hot and warm piss gives her a great sensation. She also likes making slaves lick the piss off her

Mistress Sandra making a video for her slave so he can get off when shes not around. She takes off all her clothes and goes into the bathroom and sets up her camera and stands over the toilet and pulls her sexy panties over to the side showing off her hot little twat as she sprays her pussy juice in a cup and sets it on the sink. Then she stands over the toilet again shooting her yellow flower juice straight into the toilet.

Once again the human toilet gets ready for a hot night of being pissed on as he gets ready underneath the toilet seat. As the first girl sits down he can see her hairy pussy above him as he opens his mouth just in time as she fills his mouth with her hot piss and it runs all over his face and chin. He has a line of girls waiting to do the same thing and fill his mouth with their golden nectar he cant wait.

Mistress BlackDiamond is a hot sexy nurse who likes to take good care of her bad slave. She likes to make he slave beg for his hot medicine that he wants so badly. She yells at her slave telling him what a bad boy he is and that he needs to take his medicine she lifts up her sexy outfit and pisses straight in to his mouth as he swallows her hot piss and he starts feeling better right away.

Mistress BlackDiamoond loves to play pissing games. She likes to sit at the edge of her couch with her leg spread wide open and has her slave laying underneath her on the floor with her pussy directed straight down so when she pisses it sprays right in to his mouth. She likes to fill his mouth and if he spills any bit of her hot juicy lemonade she will sit on his face with all her weight and make him lick it up.