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Princess Nikki is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a sexy pink top with white high heels so her shaved pussy is completely exposed. She then squats down over a white bowl and uses her fingers to aim her piss so she fills up the bowl with her fresh hot piss. Her slave is nearby so when her slave opens his mouth she takes a spoon and feeds him her hot piss one spoonful at a time.

After spending the evening at a local restaurant Suzy has had plenty to drink and now she has to pee. She almost could not hold it until she got home but made it home and into the bathroom before she started pissing. She puts her feet up on the rim of the toilet and then squats down and starts pissing the warm piss flowing out of her shaved pussy into the toilet below her.

Domina Victoria is sitting on the dining room table wearing a small black dress as she makes her loser slave kneel in front of her waiting for her next command. She tells him to open his mouth and put it against her warm shaved pussy. She starts pissing and her hot piss flows out of her pussy and goes right into her slaves mouth. He takes her golden nectar and fills his mouth and drinks all she has to offer.

Sexy Mistress Arizona is sitting on the toilet in the bathroom getting ready to piss as she lets you get nice and close and enjoy all of the action. She takes and spreads her legs slightly apart so you can see her pussy as she starts to piss. You can see some of her golden nectar flow down into the toilet bowl beneath of her and you can hear it hitting the water under her.