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Alle Artikel, die mit "Condom" markiert sind

Mistress Nikki spends a wild day at the beach. She laid naked all day out in the sun when her slave showed up she could not wait to tell him what a fucking loser that he is and kicks the shit out of him and makes him beg to drink her hot yellow lemonade. Mistress Nikki really has to piss and finds a dirty nasty condom and fills it with her hot piss and makes her slave drink every last drop.

Mistress Zoe is a sexy mistress who decided to have some fun with her golden nectar and to make her slave a tasty treat at the same time. She takes a used condom that was worn by her lover while making a porn video. She takes the used condom and puts it between her legs and fills it up with her fresh hot piss for her slave to drink later for a snack.