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Alle Artikel, die mit "Spit" markiert sind

Lady Alysha is getting ready to go out to a party but before she goes she decides to have some fun with her slave by humiliating him. She starts out by making him open his mouth in front of her and she spits into his mouth and makes him swallow her warm spit. She then makes him open his mouth again and fills it up with her fresh hot piss and makes him drink it all.

Porn star Rachel Evans is sitting on the couch reading a book when she calls her slave over and orders him to lay down on the floor underneath of her. She then stands up and takes off her panties and makes her slave open his mouth as she squats above him and makes him drink her golden nectar. She fills his mouth up and gets annoyed when he spills so she spits all over his face as well.

Princess Nikki is spending her vacation in Teneriffe in her nice villa enjoying all that life has to offer as spends her days doing nothing. She decides that she wants to visit her loser slave at him home because she knows he lives in a shack and she wants to humiliate him by showing up at his house. She arrives at his shack and immediately starts pissing and spitting all over his loser face and body.