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Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Bizarre Lady Jessica makes her slave Joschi get down on the floor on his hands and knees and wait at her feet for her next command. She takes her black high heels and fills them up with her hot piss and then makes her loser slave drink the hot piss out of them like a dog. He laps up her golden nectar and drinks every drop of her fresh hot golden nectar.

Mistress Melannie is a sexy mistress with a hairy pussy pissing into a toilet bowl as she stands above it with her legs spread wide apart. She does not use her fingers to aim her urine so it flows out of her hairy pussy downwards. Some of it lands in the toilet and the rest runs down her legs and down to the floor where it pools up by her feet.

Dirty Queen Andrea is in the bathroom with her loser slave Joschi as he sits completely naked on the floor and she stands above him naked as well. She lifts her leg and rests it on a shelf behind her slave. She then spreads her legs apart and starts pissing all over him and covers his face, mouth and body with her hot fresh golden nectar and has him roll around in her piss.

Slave Joschi is getting punished as he is on his hands and knees on the bathroom floor as Princess Hannah and Princess Diabolla order him to use his tongue to clean the bathroom floor. The bathroom had been flooded by an over flowed toilet and they are pieces of toilet paper and dried piss all over the floor along with dirt and other filth. The two princesses make him use his tongue and lick the floor until it is spotless.