Piss Femdom

Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Miss Doertie never realized how much she loves pee. She decides to pee on the bed. The smell is so intoxicating. She loves it so much that she starts to play around in it. That make her really horny and so she starts playing with herself. The rabbit quickly comes out so that she can get off. And get off she does all over the bed and her pee.

This pathetic slave had no idea what he was getting himself into. These mistresses go to town on him. They beat the crap out of him, punching him over and over again. They even put him in a leg lock and trample his body with their high heels. They ignore all of his screams of pain. If that's not bad enough they pee all over his poor abused little body.

Sweetbaby and Miss Jane want to make sure their slave is obedient. They whip him repeated mercilessly until there are marks all over his back side. Then thye trample all over his body and face with full body weight. He sits there and takes all of the awful pain and abuse. The pain just doesn't seem to stop for him. If that's not bad enough they piss right into his mouth.

Mistress Mlada is a dirty pissing bitch who likes to go out in the woods with her slave so she can dirty his face with her yellow nectar from her hot twat. Mistress Mlada has sandy blonde hair with a shaved pussy. She has this little cup that she shoots her hot yellow pussy juice in and slowly dumps it all over her slaves face. She makes her slave drink her hot lemonade that he wants so bad.