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Diana wanted to punish this guy for ratting her out. She hates snitches and she trampled him before pissing on him

This sexy mistress is wearing a sexy pink blouse as she sits on her portable toilet and gets ready to start pissing. She has a half of a two liter bottle underneath of her two collect her urine like a funnel. On the other side of the funnel is a hose that goes to her slaves mouth. When she starts pissing the hot urine flows out of her warm pussy and goes directly into her slaves open mouth.

This sexy mistress makes her slave into her human toilet as she takes and puts him under her portable toilet. She then sits above his face and open mouth and starts pissing filling his mouth with her fresh golden nectar. This sexy mistress pisses and makes sure that this slave gets filled from all of her fresh hot piss. This sexy mistress is going to keep this toilet slave for a long time to come to drink all of her hot piss.

This sexy brunette mistress is sitting on her portable toilet with her pants off and white a glass underneath of her as she starts to piss. Her golden nectar collects in the glass beneath of her and she fills it up with her not piss so that she can give it to her toilet slave so that he can enjoy the taste of her fresh hot piss upon his lips and in his mouth.