Piss Femdom

Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Weronika is sick of using a regular toilet. Her slave has been extra bad lately so she has an idea. She has him lie on the ground and open his mouth wide. She squats down real like just above his open mouth. She lets all of her magnificent golden nectar go in his mouth. She makes sure he drinks every drop of that golden goodness. She doesn't stop until he's full.

The lovely young Lina wants to break her slave him. She lets him know he's on toilet duty. He gets on the ground and opens wide as Lina squats over him and pisses in his mouth. She pisses in his mouth over and over again making sure he doesn't spill a single drop. If that's not bad enough she let's her friend use her human toilet too. How much pee can he drink?

This blonde beauty loves the taste of pee. She gets so hot and horny when she drinks it. Watch as gets on her knees totally naked and drinks it straight from the dick. She's drink it from a little distance but not too far. She loves seeing the stream but she loves drinking it even more. She doesn't want to spill a drop of that golden beverage. She's going to drink it all

The beautiful Edina is going to put on a show for you. She lets the pee fly all over for you. In the grass with her legs spread wide, with her leg on a tree trunk, even standing straight up. She piss sitting on the outside steps of a house in public. She'll piss in so many positions you won't know what to do with yourself. Warm golden piss all over the place.

This is the video you've been waiting for piss slaves. The glorious Swiss Nina is going to make you her toilet after so many guys have asked for it. Sit back and watch as she looks right at the camera as she opens the lid. That beautiful ass and pussy lower straight down onto the toilet. Watch as you're inches away from her incredible stream as it comes out of her.

Jenicha has been drinking as much water as possible today. She's also has been careful not to pee at all. She's been saving it just for you. Lay down on the floor and open your mouth. She's going to squat down right over your mouth and let it all go. She's going to give you all the tasty golden nectar she's been saving up. Be ready to take a huge gulp.

Mary Dee has to pee so bad she barely makes it to the bathroom. She strips down completely naked revealing her beautiful body. Then she squats down with one leg on the toilet and lets it all fly for you. She really had to pee because her stream is big and forceful like a waterfall. Watch as she lets out all of this glorious golden nectar for your enjoyment.

Miss Paula wants to take her slaves obedience to the next level. He starts kissing and smelling her dirty feet in her wedge heels. That's not enough for her though He kisses her beautiful ass and that's not enough. He licks the bottom of her shoe and that's still not enough. Finally she squats down and pees into a glass for him. He drinks it all up to her delight.

Weronika wants to see how good her aim is and how good her pee slave is at catching pee. Dressed in crotch less panties, nylonsm and black high heels she stands over his open mouth. Most times she would squat down and get real close to his mouth but today she stands tall and lets her golden nectar cascade down from great heights onto his awaiting face and mouth.