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This sexy mistress has her loser slave laying on the floor underneath of her portable toilet as she sits above him and gets ready to cover him in her hot piss. She has him open his mouth and then starts pissing giving him a golden shower covering his face and head with her hot piss. This sexy mistress has her slave be her human toilet for the entire day drinking her fresh hot piss.

Mistress Diana wanted to make her slave an extra special meal that he would remember for a long time to come. She looked around the kitchen and finds some bread slices. She then takes the bread and tears them into small pieces and then puts them in the bowl. To make the bread to taste even better she then puts the bowl on the floor and squats above it and fills it with her hot golden nectar.

Mistress Gaia is a sexy mistress that has prepared this special pov clip just for you to enjoy her. She is wearing a sexy black bra and panties set as she gets ready for you to enjoy her special pissing. She then squats down and lets you get up nice and close with her pussy as she starts pissing. Her hot piss flows all over your face and you can almost taste her hot golden nectar.

This loser toilet slave is offering his sexy mistress two different services as he drinks her hot piss as her toilet slave and also licks her dirty feet clean. His mistress has taken a baby bottle and filled it up with her fresh hot piss and then puts it in his mouth for him to drink her fresh golden nectar. In between drinks he uses his tongue to lick her dirty feet clean.

Princess Nikki is a sexy mistress who is making her slaves breakfast as she takes her food scraps and garbage and puts them in a single bowl. She then takes the bowl and puts it on the floor and then squats above of it. She starts pissing and covers the food in hot piss. Her golden nectar covers the food and her slaves eat every last bite of their tasty breakfast.

Bizarre Lady Jessica has a special evening planned with her slave as she fills up a champagne bottle with her fresh hot piss. She then has a couple of champagne glasses that she gives to her slave to enjoy her special piss champagne. She fills up his glass with the piss and watches him drink her fresh hot piss while she watches him and reminds him of what a loser he really is.

This sexy mistress makes her slave into her human toilet as she takes and puts him under her portable toilet. She then sits above his face and open mouth and starts pissing filling his mouth with her fresh golden nectar. This sexy mistress pisses and makes sure that this slave gets filled from all of her fresh hot piss. This sexy mistress is going to keep this toilet slave for a long time to come to drink all of her hot piss.

Mistress Mia Anderson is outside enjoying her pool as she makes her slave lay on the side of the pool completely naked in the sun. She then decides to have some fun and play some piss games with him as she uses her fingers to aim her piss stream to cover her slave. She then goes around him and continues to piss all over him until he is soaked with her sexy hot piss.

Sexy Candy Alexa is feeling in the mood so she heads to the bathroom and gets naked. She squats above the toilet and spreads her legs apart and uses her fingers to tease her clit. As she masturbates she gets closer and closer to have a massive orgasm. Once she has her orgasm she takes and pisses into the toilet and into the shower and lets you watch as she pisses all over.

Mistress BlackDiamoond is a sexy brunette mistress that takes her slave and straps him down onto a ob table with his legs spread apart so he can not move. She then takes her hot pussy and uses it to fill up a bed pan with her fresh hot piss. She then takes the pan and puts it against his lips and lifts it up and forces him to drink all of her hot golden nectar.