Piss Femdom

Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

Weronika wants to see how good her aim is and how good her pee slave is at catching pee. Dressed in crotch less panties, nylonsm and black high heels she stands over his open mouth. Most times she would squat down and get real close to his mouth but today she stands tall and lets her golden nectar cascade down from great heights onto his awaiting face and mouth.

Sweetbaby and Miss Jane want to make sure their slave is obedient. They whip him repeated mercilessly until there are marks all over his back side. Then thye trample all over his body and face with full body weight. He sits there and takes all of the awful pain and abuse. The pain just doesn't seem to stop for him. If that's not bad enough they piss right into his mouth.

This mistress wanted to see how peeing on herself with jeans on would be different from peeing on herself with other fabrics

Diana wanted to punish this guy for ratting her out. She hates snitches and she trampled him before pissing on him

This mistress loves to prank people with her pee. She collects it in a jar and then mixes it with a drink to see if someone will notice

This mistress loves peeing. She does not care where she is. If she feels like peeing, she will remove her underwear and skirt or trouser and pee even in public

Ryan loves pissing on herself. The hot and warm piss gives her a great sensation. She also likes making slaves lick the piss off her

Nina wanted to punish her slave for being lazy. The first warning meant she would piss on the slave and if he did not improve, she would shit on him

Paula showed her slave how she pees. She did this because next time she peed, the slave would be her human toilet.

Jenicha likes to drink her own pee. She is not like other mistresses who like to make slaves and losers drink their pee