Piss Femdom

Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Weronika wants to see how good her aim is and how good her pee slave is at catching pee. Dressed in crotch less panties, nylonsm and black high heels she stands over his open mouth. Most times she would squat down and get real close to his mouth but today she stands tall and lets her golden nectar cascade down from great heights onto his awaiting face and mouth.

Sweetbaby and Miss Jane want to make sure their slave is obedient. They whip him repeated mercilessly until there are marks all over his back side. Then thye trample all over his body and face with full body weight. He sits there and takes all of the awful pain and abuse. The pain just doesn't seem to stop for him. If that's not bad enough they piss right into his mouth.

This mistress wanted to see how peeing on herself with jeans on would be different from peeing on herself with other fabrics

Ryan loves pissing on herself. The hot and warm piss gives her a great sensation. She also likes making slaves lick the piss off her

Jenicha likes to drink her own pee. She is not like other mistresses who like to make slaves and losers drink their pee

Mistress Gaia likes to have her slave trained to her standards. She likes to put her slaves down tell him what a low down piece of shit that he is and that he has to drink her hot piss she makes her slave beg to drink her hot yellow pussy juice. Mistress Gaia puts her leg up and spreads her pussy so it will squirt in to her high heel shoe and makes her slave drink out of it not spilling a drop.

Slave Joschi has three of his mistresses Princess Crystal, Goddess Perfecta and Lady Glasya give him an extra special treat as he lays naked in the bathtub and waits for them to start. The first mistress comes in and covers him with her fresh hot piss. The second comes into the tub and stands above him and gives him a warm golden shower. The third mistress then gets on top of him and finishes soaking his body with her fresh hot piss.

This sexy mistress has her loser slave laying on the floor underneath of her portable toilet as she sits above him and gets ready to cover him in her hot piss. She has him open his mouth and then starts pissing giving him a golden shower covering his face and head with her hot piss. This sexy mistress has her slave be her human toilet for the entire day drinking her fresh hot piss.

Princess Nikki is a sexy mistress who is making her slaves breakfast as she takes her food scraps and garbage and puts them in a single bowl. She then takes the bowl and puts it on the floor and then squats above of it. She starts pissing and covers the food in hot piss. Her golden nectar covers the food and her slaves eat every last bite of their tasty breakfast.

This loser slave is addicted to his mistresses fresh urine. He loves the taste of her golden nectar in his mouth and will do whatever he has to to get more of her fresh hot piss. Then Mistress Gaia decides to have some fun and torture him by not giving him the golden nectar that he craves so bad. She takes a small dropper and only lets him have a little tiny drop at a time leaving him longing for more.