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Piss in mouth and human toilet training. Swallow the golden shower of sexy girls.

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Mistress BlackDiamoond is a sexy brunette mistress that takes her slave and straps him down onto a ob table with his legs spread apart so he can not move. She then takes her hot pussy and uses it to fill up a bed pan with her fresh hot piss. She then takes the pan and puts it against his lips and lifts it up and forces him to drink all of her hot golden nectar.

Mistress Alida is a sexy mistress who is in the bathroom using her loser slave as her human toilet as she sits on his face and looks in the mirror. Suddenly she has the need to piss so she uses her slave and starts pissing all over him covering his face with her hot piss. She then has him open his mouth and drink her piss as she puts her full weight on to his body.

Mistress Black Diamoond is on vacation and thought you might want some of her hot solo peeing action to enjoy while she was gone. She goes into the bathroom and takes the camera with so you can have a close up as she sits on the toilet and fills it with her fresh hot piss. After filling the toilet with her golden nectar she lets you see into the toilet bowl with her camera.

Domina Victoria is sitting on the dining room table wearing a small black dress as she makes her loser slave kneel in front of her waiting for her next command. She tells him to open his mouth and put it against her warm shaved pussy. She starts pissing and her hot piss flows out of her pussy and goes right into her slaves mouth. He takes her golden nectar and fills his mouth and drinks all she has to offer.

Lady Alysha is getting ready to go out to a party but before she goes she decides to have some fun with her slave by humiliating him. She starts out by making him open his mouth in front of her and she spits into his mouth and makes him swallow her warm spit. She then makes him open his mouth again and fills it up with her fresh hot piss and makes him drink it all.

Sexy Mistress Arizona is sitting on the toilet in the bathroom getting ready to piss as she lets you get nice and close and enjoy all of the action. She takes and spreads her legs slightly apart so you can see her pussy as she starts to piss. You can see some of her golden nectar flow down into the toilet bowl beneath of her and you can hear it hitting the water under her.

Slave Joschi is getting punished as he is on his hands and knees on the bathroom floor as Princess Hannah and Princess Diabolla order him to use his tongue to clean the bathroom floor. The bathroom had been flooded by an over flowed toilet and they are pieces of toilet paper and dried piss all over the floor along with dirt and other filth. The two princesses make him use his tongue and lick the floor until it is spotless.

Mistress Rose takes a glass over to the sink and fills it with water so she can drink it to help her piss faster so she can piss on her slave. She drinks about half of the water then the other mistress Noemi drinks the other half of Rose's water. They both have to piss now and take the same cup and each piss there hot juicy urine in the cup to make there slave drink it all up.

This toilet slave has been really thirsty so his mistress decided to give him a special treat as she puts a 2 liter bottle under the portable toilet and hooks a hose from it to her slaves open mouth. She then sits on the portable toilet and fills the homemade funnel up with her fresh hot piss. Her golden nectar flows down the hose and fills her slaves mouth with her fresh hot piss and he drinks every last drop.

Slave Joschi is being punished by his mistress Bizarre Lady Jessica as she has him in her basement locked up in a metal cage. He has spent the last 24 hours crouched up in his cage without anything to eat or drink and now his mistress is bringing him a special snack. She takes a dog bowl and fills it up with her hot golden nectar and she has her slave drink it up like the loser dog he really is.