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It is my slave's birthday today and i had to get him an extra special surprise for being such a good slave for all of these years. I got him a slave pussy to play with for his special day and he is very excited to play with it. However while he plays i still dominate and piss all over the both of them but he gets some extra fun for his special day.

This sexy brunette mistress is sitting on her portable toilet with her pants off and white a glass underneath of her as she starts to piss. Her golden nectar collects in the glass beneath of her and she fills it up with her not piss so that she can give it to her toilet slave so that he can enjoy the taste of her fresh hot piss upon his lips and in his mouth.

Princess Nikki is wearing a silky pair of white pantyhose as she has her two loser slaves on the floor in front of her eagerly waiting for her commands. She spreads her legs slightly apart and you can see her white stockings turning yellow as they soak up the hot piss flowing out of her sexy pussy. She then orders her loser slaves to take their mouths and suck all of her golden nectar out of her pantyhose.